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The Abnormal Church

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

IOcchurch have devoted ourselves for two decades to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. We believe all people have the right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

LOVE Abnormally

BE kind abnormally

be compassionate abnormally

be peaceful abnormally

be generous abnormally

be accepting abnormally

be non judgmental abnormally

be abnormally a loving, caring individual

the abnormal church

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Here’s what you’ll discover inside this course:• How to master thoughts and emotions• 5 of the best self-love exercises• How to master your habits and compound them for an exceptional life.• Why thoughts are the ultimate ‘habit’ to master• 4 things to find your inner self in the quickest way possible• A better understanding of what self-love is, and what it is not.• The difference between self-esteem and self-love• Practical ways to build self-love on a daily basis• The inner mechanics of self-esteem

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Are you a prepper?I bet you are… we all are to some degree. We carry insurance on our property, our cars and most of our stuff. We do this not because we expect or live in fear of something bad happening. We cover ourselves because we understand life. I live in an area prone for tornadoes. It is not a question of IF there will be another tornado. It is only a question of when and where will a tornado happen.


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Abnormal Church?

Why would I call this THE ABNORMAL CHURCH? Having been raised in a very conservative Christian church and spending much of my life serving and attending mainstream churches I decided that IF what I was witnessing was considered NORMAL then I wanted to be ABNORMAL. Was it not Jesus who said you would know his followers by the fruit they produced? The fruit of their works? Clearly after centuries of sermons, prayers and other Christian rituals if what we have now is the result of all that, well something is just not working. The first half of my life was spent studying, researching and delving into beliefs systems in general. Wars, poverty, inequity, injustice... all these things were prevalent around the globe and Christian dominant societies suffered the same as all others. One book, a very small book, authored by Norman Vincent Peale influenced my thinking as well: Expect a miracle, Make miracles happen. Clearly from what we see in action as a result of all the prayers and church sermons it is up to US to make miracles happen. We needed to stop praying for miracles so much and start being the miracle.

IOCCHURCH, the ABNORMAL CHURCH, teaches a love few others focus on. And we outline and seek to guide YOU down a path to personal success. Yes we are ABNORMAL and we own it!!!

Luke 17:20-21 King James Version (KJV)

20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.


John 14:12 

New International Version
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these,because I am going to the Father.

Jesus taught SELF EMPOWERMENT not CO-DEPENDENCY.  You have WITHIN you the power to do. Jesus never said to pray and sit back and wait. He never said run to clergy and get help. He said the Kingdom of God is within YOU and YOU would do even GREATER things than HE. 


Dr Kelsey learned the hard way the true meaning of these texts. To break away from the doctrine of being a wicked wretch, a sinner and become FREE. To look within and draw from the power within yourself to achieve greater things than even Jesus did. True SELF EMPOWERMENT that, yes, take the power away from the church and puts it back where it belongs- WITHIN YOU!

Your mind was programmed wrong and now you can reprogram your mind for success because YOU were born for success!


Welcome to The International Old Catholic Church. The ABNORMAL Church of Preparedness.

A Dr. Kelsey Graham Ministries Church. Who are we and what makes us different? We are an open minded organization that promotes Peace and Love amongst all of earth's citizens. We offer Ceremonies and Rituals for the non-churched- such as weddings and funerals. We are not here to indoctrinate or convert. We are here to serve and accept. We do not judge nor condemn. Whether your beliefs are bible based or you are atheist you are considered one with all. And what do we mean Church of Preparedness?  Click and see!!



What we are not!


Many religious organizations are built on fundamentalist views of Bible interpretations. They focus on isolated texts that they use to instill fear. Fear of Armageddon, the pending wrath of God, the Second Coming of Christ and an eternal punishment for not believing their interpretations of the Bible and what they view as Bible prophecy.  They tend to focus on a lot of superficial things while missing a big picture of what life is really all about and fail to provide a practical, balanced guidance to a life dictated by the LOVE they claim their God is known for and that they claim to live by. We are NOT one of them.


What we are!


No matter how you view the Bible, whether you view it is a historically based Word of God or a book of fables, we view it as a book of stories from which many great life lessons can be learned. We do not require any certain belief in the Bible and we do not participate in the common Christian Creeds and soundbites of “I am saved” or “When I die I am going to be in heaven with my Lord and Savior” or “I am washed clean by the blood of the lamb.” If those are your personal views that is fine. We are not in the judging business. That would be the duty of a higher power not that of another human. In the Bible, as in secular history, there are great lessons to be learned. Famines happen, floods occur (Katrina and New Orleans come to mind), governments fail, infrastructures break down, water sources become tainted and unsafe, droughts are a fact of life, economic systems fall apart and all sorts of natural and human disasters occur. Even in the deep south, where I sit as I write this, power outages have occurred that lasted days and into weeks due to inclement weather, ice storms and power company failures. These things happen and historically are proven to be in our future. Forest fires that consume thousands of acres of land.  And the list goes on.


We do not focus on such possibilities out of fear, to scare you or ourselves. We view a recognition of these possible events happening in the same vein in which you recognize the possibility of illness and buy health insurance. We hope none of these events effect your or our lives, but these are very real parts of being human and living on this planet. When you shop for groceries you normally buy for more than just one meal. You plan for a week or sometimes more. You have a freezer in order to preserve food for a future time. You normally keep plenty of gas in your vehicle to ensure you can not only get to your next destination but hopefully further if needed. You make sure your tires are good for the drive instead of waiting for them to fail on the road. Our lives are filled with tasks of preparing.


From the Bible story of Joseph and the famine in Egypt it can be noted that the average citizen was not prepared and by the end of the famine they found themselves in complete servitude to the Egyptian government. They no longer owned their homes, they had no livestock to call their own and they came to be completely dependent on their government for food.


Our view is simple. That story was told and shared for a reason. A lesson to be learned. On this planet, today there are millions who are suffering due to famines and lack of clean water. Sadly, these people were not prepared. Maybe they were never trained to know how to prepare, or in their case maybe the opportunity to prepare never existed in their lives.


Ours is a church community that stretches around the globe to educate and plan for all those possible life-threatening events. Not in the tone of fear, but in a view of a balanced, practical guide to being able to take care of yourself and your family in as independent a way as possible. We offer education, bringing you back to some very basic means of providing food, clean water, shelter and safety for yourselves and loved ones. As we saw from Katrina, waiting on government assistance can mean death, illness and great discomfort. Just as we see from the story of Joseph and the famine in Egypt it can mean our total dependence on government and loss of freedoms and property.


We are not judgmental as to one’s beliefs or lack thereof. We are not judgmental as to one’s lifestyle or personal choices. We are motivated by LOVE.  As Paul wrote- Love conquers all. We learn from each other, we inspire each other and we comfort each other as we prepare ourselves to deal with all that life can throw at us without begging, pleading or waiting on outside institutions to come to our rescue- howbeit government of nonprofits. At the end of the day we hope no one suffers from natural disaster any more than we wish anyone to have a devastating car wreck. We work towards being SELF INSURED- meaning that we as church community  have planned individually for that power outage or that water shortage- whatever that disaster may be. And we know that in such cases we have this world-wide community we can reach out to for advice, direction, support and encouragement.


The floods of New Orleans during Katrina were the Armageddon for hundreds and hundreds. The event does not have to be global in scale nor does it have to mean the end of the world for it to mean the end of YOUR world as YOU know it. Without fear and in a positive way we use histories lessons to apply to our lives in a very real way.


This is what we are about. That and promoting PEACE and LOVE amongst all of this planet citizens.

Be Inspired
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