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Transgenders in the Military

To me it is less of a question of whether any particular group can serve in a military or not. I am more concerned about the endless wars and conflicts we send the ones who do serve into. To serve and defend our nation? Just has not happened in my lifetime. In our 239 years we have been a nation we have been at war 222 years or 93% of our existence.
Our nation was founded on a foundation of violence, fraud and con. Yet after this history we seem surprised, shocked that we are where we are today?
Yes I was a draft dodger- well almost anyway. Thanks to Richard Nixon my number was not called so I did not have a need to retreat to Canada after all. Though my bags were packed.
It should concern us more that we always have an enemy, just around the next bend there is that nation, that evil one that is out to get us. Quite troubling and a horrible existence. We cannot care for each other but we are damned good at war. And we praise warriors and demean peacemakers. And we cry over a group who cannot serve in these wasted wars? We find ourselves disturbed that a certain group has the privilege to not be put in harms way? Oh yes they are in harms way on our streets within our cities. But instead of keeping that our focus we follow the distraction fed to us by our politicians and media. We lose focus, we lose sight. Because we are fed and we grab the grub and chew it endlessly effectively losing the most important of the battles. We, claiming to desire peace now having our focus shifted to suddenly be rallying for more warriors?
We are weak minded hypocrites you know. We are so easily led. And they laugh... yes those who constantly feed us what to rant about next. And we wonder why we seldom feel empowered?
Same sex marriage. An educated, common sense view would have allowed one to know that once one single state legalized same sex marriage that it would be forced on the entire nation. Why? Well otherwise whether heterosexual or homosexual a couple would be required to remarry in each state they ever moved to within their lives. It was a shoe in once that first state allowed for same sex marriage. Few remembering that it was not two same sex couples seeking to get married in Alabama that started the proceedings that led to the national debate. It was two couples who had been legally married in another state seeking to have their marriage recognized in Alabama for legal purposes. The rules, the law already had that answered. It has been a long standing law that each state must recognize a marriage that took place in another state.
But the distraction was set in place- no one, no politician or judge or media pundit ever once addressed the reality of this. They fed us and we ate it up. We ate it up for a long time- allowing ourselves to be distracted from other things. It worked and they are still utilizing this same Weapon of Mass Distraction to keep us out of focus. Now, instead of our rant for peace we are ranting for more soldiers. We do so in total ignorance, seemingly blind to the fact that we are now on the side they always wanted us on. To honor war and soldiers and ignore peace pursuits.
Put your flags down. Think. Think hard. During Vietnam the likes of even Trump looked for ways to get out of military duty. He just gave a whole group the privilege that he pursued and you think it bad? You think it bad that someone is given an out? An out to not have to put their lives in danger while supporting endless wars and conflicts.
Ask yourself what else is taking place that most likely will effect your life more than transgenders not being allowed to kill and be killed? Like maybe make things safe on our streets for them? To make our cities safe from chicken cops who fire shots simply because someone slapped their hands on the police car?
Oh yes we are so easily led into the battles they want us to be focused on. As they build the world they want us to live in around us. And we never saw it coming..........

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